Why choose Secure Covers® ?


Secure, flexible and tough


Secure Covers are made from a tough, interlocked knitted textile which will not fray or ladder.


During development of Secure Covers we tested many different types of textiles and rejected any made from a simple woven material because of problems with fraying and disintegration in the trials. Simple woven material is also very stiff and cannot follow the contours of the silage, this combined with poor wind lift performance can lead to aerobic spoilage.


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Secure Covers - interlocking knitted textile
Secure Covers
Secure Covers 300g/sqm
Woven silage cover 300g/sqm

Available sizes

8 x 10
12 x 10
8 x 12
12 x 12
8 x 14
12 x 14
8 x 16
12 x 16
8 x 18
12 x 18
8 x 20
12 x 20
8 x 22
12 x 22
8 x 25
12 x 25

How to order


Contact us for help in choosing the best sizes and calculating the number of gravel bags required for your clamp, stacks or forage bags.

  • Customised sizes available upon request
  • Gravel bags in packs of 20
  • Samples and leaflets are available on request.
Order by Freephone, email or from your local merchant. Standard delivery of 3 working days is included. Next day delivery is possible to most UK addresses.

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Secure Gravel Bags


Secure Gravel Bags are made from the same tough long lasting flexible material as Secure Covers. When filled with pea gravel they weigh approximately 15 kg.


Due to their flexibility Secure Gravel Bags are able to make a much better seal against the silage pit side wall than tyres. A tyre will only have one point of contact with the clamp side wall whereas the Secure Gravel Bag touches along its length.


Use with Secure StackPack clips on big bale and straw stacks


New side handle gravel bags makes carrying much easier


Benefits of Gravel Bags

  • Stop air and rainwater getting into silage and prevent spoilage
  • Focus more weight on shoulders
  • Use with side sheets
  • Easy to handle and store
  • Reusable year after year


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Secure Cover Gravel bags
Secure Gravel bags for Silage covers
FILL THE GRAVEL BAGS with 2cm pea gravel or stones to within 25cm of the top. Zip tie to 10-15cm from the top
DO NOT OVER FILL They need to remain flexible to avoid bursting if dropped.

Gravel bags
Secure Covers -Gravel bags

Secure Stackpacks


Developed to provide strong anchorage points on Secure Covers when covering big bale silage, straw stacks or forage bags. This flexible system consisting of 50 strong clips and 100 heavy duty cable ties can also be used on tarpaulins and other sheet materials.



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Secure Gravel bags for Silage covers
Secure Gravel bags for Silage covers
Fix clips every 5-10 metres for use on big bale stacks’
Fix clips every 1-2 metres for use on straw stacks

Secure Stackpack clips


Developed to provide strong anchorage points on Secure Covers when covering big bale silage, straw stacks or forage bags. this flexible secure clip system can also be used on tarpaulins and other sheet materials. Fix clips every metre for use on straw stacks.


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Clips for straw stacks
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