Secure Covers® design and develop their leading range of silage covers, windbreaks, roller doors, bay screens and other protective agricultural products in the UK.


Made from the highest quality, finely knitted, UV stable HDPE, all Secure Covers' products are available throughout the UK and overseas.


Highly regarded in the farming community, Secure Covers have earned a wide reputation for quality, durability and value.


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Secure Covers - silage coversSecure Covers - green protective silage coversSecure Covers - silage covers and windbreaksSecure Silage Covers, galebreakers and bay screens Windbreaks, bay screens and gale breakers big bale stacks - secure silage cover straw stacks - secure silage cover
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Secure Covers; silage covers, gale breakers and roller bay screns for barn protection
Secure windbreaks, bay screens and gale breakers
Secure Econoblinds for bay screns and gale breakers
Secure Shades and gale breakers for free range chickens
Secure Gravel bags
Secure Gravel bags - better than tyres
Biogas clamps
Bio clamps
Big bale silage
Stop bird damage with Secure silage covers
What farmers say about us
What farmers say about Secure Covers wind breaks, silage covers and shades
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