Biogas clamps



Building a biogas facility with associated clamps is a huge investment. Sowing, harvesting and ensiling maize and other feedstock crops is expensive in terms of your pocket and energy expended.


Heating and moulding in silage is an avoidable waste of energy and money so it is vital to ensure that crops are ensiled, quickly, correctly and covered to achieve the best anaerobic storage conditions.



Secure Covers - complete silage covers for biogas clamps Secure Covers- silage covers for biogas clamps Secure Covers - Biogas silage clamps

Anaerobic digester maize clamps

from Secure Covers - silage covers for biogas clamps Anaerobic digester grass clamps

- silage covers for biogas clamps Anaerobic digester sugar beet clamp from Secure Covers - silage covers for biogas clamps Secure Covers- silage covers for biogas clamps AD silage clamps

from Secure Covers - silage covers for biogas clamps at Wyke Farm
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Secure Covers® are manufactured in 16 different sizes but for larger clamps used to support AD plants we can custom make, with notice, Secure Covers to any length and width. Due to the interlocking knit textile, Secure Covers can even be joined together using cable ties or StackPack clips.


We have extensive experience in calculating the correct size of covers to cover the silage whilst remaining easy to handle in your clamp management scheme i.e. matching cover size to feed out rate and available manpower.


Involving Secure Covers at the planning stage means that you will achieve the most efficient and cost effective covering option. At the same time you can take advantage of our many years’ experience in silage microbiology and feed preservation research.

What farmers say...


"I use Secure Covers which are custom made for my maize clamps.


Unfortunately, last year at short notice late in the season I made the mistake of buying a woven cover of a different brand. It is slippery and difficult to handle and ended up blowing off the top of the clamp. I can only use it on the ramp where I have to strap it on to keep it in position, even so on windy days it still billows up."


Simon Gittins



Custom made Secure Covers for maize clamps



Hugh & Ian Williams cover all of the maize silage used to feed their 500kW anaerobic digester plant at Lea Hall Farm, Lea Cross, Shropshire.


They find that Secure Covers are "Easy to use and that they have extra weight over competitors. They have no waste and the covers are non-fray and don’t lift in the wind... Does the job!”

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