What farmers say about Secure Covers®


Testimonials for Clamp silage


Gareth Owen uses Secure Covers

"I have used Secure Covers since 2006 and they are easy to work with.  They save time when sheeting the clamp and reduce waste.”


Willie Fleming

Hillhead, Kirkpatrick Fleming, Dumfries

Gareth Owen uses Secure Covers

“Secure Covers avoid risk of damage to our silage sheets. Covering the clamp is cleaner and easier, saving cost in terms of labour and waste.”


Gareth Owen

Potstown, Middlebie, Ecclefechan

Gareth Owen uses Secure Covers

"They hold down the plastic sheet tightly with fewer tyres, and make it quicker and easier to cover the pit as a result."


Jean McLean

Jean milks 187 Holsteins and has used Secure Covers since 2005

Mains of Culsh, New Deer, Aberdeenshire

David Hamilton uses Secure Covers

“We used to get damage from birds. We have used Secure Covers to protect our clamps since 2005 and wouldn’t be without them for the job they do.”


David Hamilton

Milking 800 Holsteins at Meldrum, Stirling

Robert Vickery recommends Secure Covers

"Secure Covers are quicker and easier than tyres when it comes to covering the clamp and eliminates damage from birds."


Robert Vickery

Holehouse Farm, Billington, Clitheroe

Arthur Lawrie of A and S Lawrie, Cuthill Towers, Milnathort, Kinross

"We have used Secure Covers for fifteen years. One pit covered with Secure Covers and the other with an alternative product. We much prefer Secure Covers and have just ordered some more."


Arthur Lawrie

A & S Lawrie, Cuthill Towers, Milnathort, Kinross.

Michael Howie recommends Secure Covers

"Secure Covers are the most cost effective covers. I have used other covers but vermin peck holes in them, but not with Secure Covers. We need quality silage therefore we need quality covers"


Michael Howie

runs the Morwick herd of pedigree Ayrshires and Holsteins near Morpeth, Northumberland.

He produces the Royal Double range of ice-creams.

Willie Wason

"We use Secure Covers because they are so quick and easy to put on. Once tensioned they apply even pressure to the surface sheet, saving on waste and improving silage quality."


Willie Wason

Manager of John Cameron’s Balbuthie Farm
home to Baldinnie Poll Herefords situated in East Neuk of Fife overlooking the Firth of Forth.

David Tomlinson of Bilsborrow Hall Farm in Preston recommends Secure Covers for keeping silage better than tyres

"Secure Covers are labour saving and save time when sheeting the clamp. They are better than tyres and keep the silage better, we use them both inside as well as out."


David Tomlinson
Bilsborrow Hall Farm in Preston
Twice runner-up in RABDF Gold Cup. David Tomlinson was the Holstein Society chairman (2003-09) and his Bilsrow Gibson Ada is first ever UK Dairy Day Holstein Champion.

“I’ve compared Secure Covers side by side with cheaper woven silage covers. The cheaper covers just lift off in the wind whilst Secure Covers don’t move. I’ve now got rid of all my

“I’ve compared Secure Covers with cheaper woven silage covers. The cheaper covers lift off in the wind whilst Secure Covers don’t move. I’ve now got rid of all my old woven silage covers and replaced them with Secure Covers. They do a much better job!


Adrian Scholl

Le Marchant Farms, Nottinghamshire

Alan Thom from Goosehill Farm, Kirkmichael recommends protecting silage with Secure Covers

My cows escaped one night and I found them on top of the clamp!  But thankfully Secure Covers are so strong they protected the plastic silage sheet from damage. I could hardly believe it!
Goosehill Farm lies at 400ft in a very exposed position. When we come to seal the clamp Secure Covers makes the job so quick and easy. They stop the wind billowing the sheet and the gravel bags keep them in place throughout the winter despite our very exposed position”.


Alan Thom

Goosehill Farm, Kirkmichael

Secure Covers Testimonials from James Muir

“At first I didn't think the covers would withstand the Orkney wind, but I have been proved wrong! Secure Covers has saved me valuable time and effort." April 2014


James Muir

Hermisgarth, Sanday, Orkney


Secure Covers helped us get the best out of our silage says Stuart Harvey from Dumfriesshire

“Secure Covers have helped us get the best out of our silage. We have tried other makes but Secure Covers are much easier to put on, do not slip and definitely don't lift in the wind!”


Stuart Harvey

Drum, Beeswing, Dumfriesshire

Secure Covers Testimonials from Colin Bowen

"We have been using Secure Covers since 2008. We use them on all grass, wholecrop and maize silage clamps. They speed up covering and then protect the silage from bird damage. We expect to minimise losses and Secure Covers fit our plans to do this."


Colin Bowen

Farm Manager Longden Manor Farms

Secure Covers<sup>®</sup> Testimonials from farmer James McDonald, Mains of Dalvey, Grantown on Spey

“Covering the clamp was easier with Secure Covers because there was less wind lift and they were easier to tension. The heavier knitted material held down better and gave a better contact with the silage sheet. They even look better on the clamp.”

James McDonald Mains of Dalvey, near Grantown on Spey

James makes silage to feed 1500 ewes and 200 suckler cows and tells us that he has tried three different brands of covers but decided that ours are by far the best.

Secure Covers Testimonials from 2010 RABDF Gold Cup winners Michael King of Kingspool Holsteins, Iron Acton, Bristol

"Secure Covers are easy and labour saving to use and the original covers are still going strong 11 years on."


Michael & Chris King

Kingspool Holsteins, Iron Acton, Bristol

2010 RABDF Gold Cup winners. The Kings started using Secure Covers in 2002 when they expanded the herd and needed to streamline their silage pit covering. Michael King typically makes 3 cuts of grass silage and fills 7 maize clamps each year to feed the herd of 560 pedigree Holsteins

Secure Covers Testimonials from farmer Jim Brown and his son John Brown of Gaindykehead Farm, Airdrie, North Lanarkshire

"In today’s climate of high costs and low margins we have to make sure that the most important crop we grow, be it grass, maize or whole crop, has to be ensiled eliminating all waste. That is the reason we use three layers – film, silage sheet and Secure Covers."


Jim and John Brown

Gaindykehead Farm, Airdrie, North Lanarkshire.

The Browns buy store cattle to finish on a ration of silage and potatoes. Between 600- 800 are housed at any time.

Secure Covers Testimonials from 2012 beef Farmer of the Year James Evans, Linley, Shropshire

"The contractor helps with the sheeting up and by using Secure Covers it’s all done within the hour. A quick, clean job without tyres. In fact I’ve been so pleased with the Secure Covers that I’ve now invested in Secure Windbreaks."


James Evans, 2012 Beef Farmer of the Year

Linley, Shropshire

300 Stabiliser cows plus 1100 ewes. James has been using Secure Covers since 2009.

Secure Covers Testimonials from  Iain Green

Corskie Farm, Garmouth, Fochabers. Home of the Corskie herd of pedigree Simmentals

‘It is so easy and quick to seal the pit using Secure Covers. They reduce waste and are a treat to uncover the pit in the winter.’


Iain Green

Corskie Farm, Garmouth, Fochabers.

Home of the Corskie herd of pedigree Simmentals   - widely recognised as one of the top Simmental herds in the UK.

Secure Covers<sup>®</sup> Testimonials from farmer Louis MacVie, Duns in Berwickshire

“Tyres are laborious and time consuming, with the risk of wire from older tyres getting into the silage. The gravel bags are quick, clean and easy to use. We stack them on pallets and lift them onto the clamp once the Secure Covers are in place and place them in position”


Mr Louis MacVie farms 1,500 acres near Duns in Berwickshire.

Louis MacVie started using Secure Covers in 2007 and as the enterprise expanded he has covered all of his forage crops and crimped grain. In January 2010 the roof of the silage shed collapsed under the weight of snow, the Secure Covers protected the silage sheet from falling roof fragments preventing damage to the silage sheet so avoiding subsequent waste. Another unforeseen benefit of using Secure Covers!

Secure Covers<sup>®</sup> Testimonials from farmer David Lee of Winnington Green, Welshpool

“I use Secure Covers because they save me work. I tried a different woven green cover on one of my other clamps because I thought it would be the same as Secure Covers, but it felt lighter and was stiffer. Secure Covers are more flexible so sit on the sheet better and the wind doesn’t catch them. This year I’ve come back to Secure Covers.”


Mr David Lee

Winnington Green near Welshpool


*Secure Covers are knitted rather than woven which makes them stronger and more flexible.

Secure Covers<sup>®</sup> Testimonials from farmer Baxter of Parkhouse, Longtown, Cumbria

The Baxters purchased the Secure Cover system back in 2003 They are still as good as new! We have saved ourselves considerable time and effort and there is minimal waste because we get a better seal using gravel bags”


Messrs Baxter

Parkhouse, Longtown, Cumbria

Secure Covers testimonials from Mac Mackie of Mackies of Aberdeenshire, Scotland  - luxury dairy ice cream

“Secure Covers have done an excellent job in protecting the clamp. They saved time and effort putting into place and removing to add second cut. I for one would be delighted never to use tyres again for all the hassle they cause. We intend covering our other clamps in the future.”


Mac Mackie

Producer of luxury dairy ice cream at his award winning 1500 acres farm at Westertown, Aberdeenshire.

Milking a mix of 500 Jersey, Holstein /Friesian and Swedish Reds Mr Mackie bought enough Secure Covers to protect all his silage clamps and his feed straw stacks.

You can see the covers in action on Mackies of Scotland website mackies.co.uk

Secure Covers<sup>®</sup> Testimonials from farmer Geoff Hewitt, Quothquarn, Biggar

“I haven't got time to mess around with tyres. Gravel bags do a better job of sealing the pit than tyres”.


Geoff Hewitt

Quothquan, Biggar.

Geoff milks 480 cows and also retails the milk. He runs Roadhead Farm Feeds producing blends and compounds sold in Scotland and the north of England. Geoff has used Secure Covers and Secure Gravel bags since 2008 to make sheeting up quick, clean and easy. Geoff has no hesitation in recommending Secure Covers to his customers.

Secure Covers<sup>®</sup> Testimonials from farmer William Bushby, Cumbria

"They (Secure Covers) are quicker and easier to use and have no waste. The covers are still in excellent condition after eight years. It also takes an eighth of the time to cover the clamp using Secure Covers than when we used tyres and there was no one around to help when I needed them.”


William Bushby

Watson Hill Farm, Egremont, Cumbria.

William milks 350 pedigree Holsteins and uses Secure Covers on his grass silage and whole crop clamps.

Secure Covers<sup>®</sup> Testimonials from farmer Francis Seatter, Elness, Sanday

“I thought there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of the covers staying on” but is delighted that his Secure Covers have stayed in place throughout the storms. Neighbouring farmers have watched with interest and have been so impressed that now over 75% of the farms in the area now have Secure Covers on their clamps.


Francis Seatter Elness, Sanday

Francis Seatter bought  Secure Covers several years ago when he decided to get away from the traditional methods of using FYM or waste silage to weigh down the sheet. Keeping silage sheets in place is a major problem for farmers on Sanday where wind speeds average Force 6 with gusts of over 100mph in winter storms.

Secure Covers<sup>®</sup> Testimonials from Messrs JD and CL Inman

“We have been using Secure Covers since 2004 and had no hesitation in buying more for a new clamp. They save us time and are clean and easy to handle. We find that the gravel bags seal the clamp better and have reduced surface waste.”


Messrs JD & CL Inman

run the Witherslack herd of pedigree Friesians at their farm near Grange over Sands , Cumbria.

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Testimonials for Big bale stacks


Secure Covers Big bale stacks Testimonials from Robert McLean

Adam Smith of Leys Farm, Tarland, Aberdeenshire.


“Secure Covers have stopped damage from birds, this has given us better quality silage without risk of moulds.”

Secure Covers Big bale stacks Testimonials from Robert McLean

Robert McLean of Southside, Troon says:


“Secure Covers are easy to work with and have done a great job, despite our exposed position, protecting our bales from bird and wind damage.”

Secure Covers Big bale stacks Testimonials from Alan Thom

Alan Thom has a bull beef unit at Kirkmichael and uses Secure Covers to prevent damage to the wrapping on silage big bales.


“The birds were being attracted by the feed in the hoppers and had been tearing at the bales. Secure Covers have resolved the problem”

Secure Covers Testimonials from John Rowsell of Troedyrhiw Farm, Llanwrda

John Rowsell of Troedyrhiw Farm, Llanwrda having lost numerous silage bales due to rook & crow damage invested in Secure Covers.


"Two seasons later we are extremely happy to recommend these covers. Our silage is fully protected. We have not lost any bales and the covers show no wear or damage. An excellent product."

Secure Covers Testimonials from farmer Alistair MacKintosh of Kirkton, Kingoldrum

Alistair Mackintosh of Kirkton, Kingoldrum says: “Some years we may have lost up to a third of the top layer of bales due to bird damage as we could not risk feeding moulded haylage to our 800 ewes.

Since changing to Secure Covers we have had no waste whatsoever. We went for the heaviest and strongest cover to give best protection and are delighted with the results, which have eliminated waste and saved us money.Now we also use Secure Windbreaks on our lambing sheds.”

Secure Covers<sup>®</sup> Testimonials from Robert and Helen Goldie

Robert and Helen Goldie need to feed top quality haylage to their pedigree Suffolk sheep and to their own racehorses. They use use Secure Covers to protect haylage bales from bird damage...

“When quality really matters it’s not worth compromising. Since using Secure Covers we are pleased to say that we have had 100% success in protecting our haylage bales from bird damage. Before we used Secure Covers we had lost bales due to spoilage caused by bird making holes in the wrapping.”

Secure Covers<sup>®</sup> Testimonials from farmer Peter Jackson

Mr Peter Jackson, Holmgate Farm, Whitbeck, Cumbria


Peter covered his stack of silage bales last year with Secure Covers to protect them from bird damage which had been the cause of severe losses. Not only has it solved the problem, but the bales that he has left over are in perfect condition. He has bought another cover this year to ensure that all the new bales are protected.

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Testimonials for Secure Windbreaks


Arthur Lawrie of A and S Lawrie, Cuthill Towers, Milnathort, Kinross

“Secure Windbreaks have improved air flow within the building. It is a fresh environment for healthier stock.”


Sharon Peacock

Farming 400 goats for meat production

Cockerham Boers, Lancaster

Robert Vickery

"Secure Windbreaks are easy to put up and block the weather to prevent the driving rain entering the building."


Robert Vickery

Holehouse Farm, Billington, Clitheroe

Ian Wilcock of Scaleber Farm, Burton-in-Lonsdale, Carnforth recommends Secure Windbreaks

"Secure Windbreaks are durable and versatile, they have made for a light, draught-free environment for the comfort of our stock."


Iain Wilcock

Milks 100 Holstein/Friesians

Scaleber Farm, Burton-in-Lonsdale, Carnforth

Graham Kirkham recommends Secure Windbreaks

“Secure Windbreaks are quick and easy to install. They make the buildings light and airy without draughts and rain blowing in, making a fresher and more comfortable environment for our cows. ”


Graham Kirkham

Farmhouse Lancashire cheesemaker

Beesly Farm, Goosnargh, Preston

Gavin Brown, Managing Director, SportsMasters UK Ltd. recommends Secure Windbreaks

"Secure Windbreaks provide me with a building secure from crows, pigeons, etc. which I struggled with before for breaking into feed bags. The Secure Windbreaks have kept high winds and driving dampness from entering the building which we suffer with being 650’ above sea level and very exposed, this caused some of our Sportsmasters products to become damp which we no longer suffer from but we haven’t had to go to the cost of fully cladding the building to do so. In turn this still gives us good air circulation for the housed animals striking that balance between a commercial/agricultural building."


Gavin Brown, Managing Director, SportsMasters UK Ltd.

Secure Windbreaks testimonial from David Drysdale, Gillesbie Farm, Lockerbie, Scotland

David Drysdale, Gillesbie farm, Lockerbie has installed both Secure Windbreaks and Econoblinds. He has found that they are...


͞"Easy to install and allow light and air into the shed. Gives the versatility to utilise the building in different ways in the future. "

Secure Windbreaks testimonial from Mr Atkinson, Abbey Park, Appelby

"Absolutely brilliant! We are very pleased with the results and have just ordered an Econoblind!"

Mr Atkinson, Abbey Park, Appleby described Secure Windbreaks.

Secure Windbreaks testimonial from Andrew Baillie

Andrew Baillie, who farms at Carstairs Mains, Lanarkshire which is a QMS - SRUC Focus Farm, told us that "After three year's hard wear I have never had to tighten the straps on my Secure Windbreaks, they show no sign of wear and are doing a first class job. In extreme weather they keep draughts out but maintain air flow within the shed for a healthy environment. The health of my stock is vastly improved." Andrew subsequently installed Econoblinds and has found that they “are very robust and easy to use, they are far superior to any other brands on the market."

Secure Windbreaks testimonial from Stephen Robinson

Stephen Robinson of Longber Farm, Burton in Lonsdale bought 15 Secure Windbreaks for his new shed in December 2013. "Since we put on the Secure Windbreaks, because the new building faces SW, they have cut out the worst of the weather, improved comfort and ventilation. In bad weather cows were less inclined to eat along the feed barrier, this problem has now been resolved and intakes have improved and yields increased"

Secure Windbreaks testimonial from Brian Parry

Brian Parry who milks 160 cows at his farm near Monmouth had a problem with the wind and rain on the south west side of a new building which meant that the cows were not using the whole of the building.

“We fitted Secure Windbreaks above the doors and have totally resolved the problem without compromising the ventilation. The Secure Windbreaks were easy to put up and I can push them up out of the way for access. They are strong and look good on the new building.”

Secure Windbreaks testimonial from Brian Coupland

Mr Brian Coupland has 1100 breeding ewes, 200 hoggs and 400 beef cattle at his farm at Dunsope Bridge near Clitheroe. He wants to get the best use out of all his stock buildings. When he needed to find more space for fattening lambs he removed the Yorkshire boarding from a barn and replaced it with Secure Windbreaks to give a lighter, better ventilated environment for the young stock. Mr Coupland is delighted with the result “The Secure Windbreaks have done an excellent job. The atmosphere within the building is consistent, without extremes and keeps fresher.”

Secure Windbreaks testimonial from Gary Yeomans, Abergavenny,  Monmouthshire

Gary Yeomans is an associate of the Royal Agricultural Societies and a former Nuffield Scholar. He diversified into goats in 2002 now milks 500 Saanen/Toggenburg goats at his farm at LLanvetherine Monmouthshire, with milk being sold to Abergavenny Fine Foods for soft cheese production. A meticulous stockman, Gary was concerned about the appearance of persistent pneumonia in late born goat kids. Smoke bomb analysis of the housing revealed that there was little or no air movement through the apparently airy barn. On instruction from his vet, tin sections were removed and replaced with Secure Windbreaks. Secure Windbreaks material was also used to make small roof structures in the pens to give additional protection. Gary was pleased to report that 'the kids are warm and sheltered whilst the barn is now lighter and better ventilated. More importantly the pneumonia problem has completely disappeared since we made the changes.'

Secure Windbreaks - testimonials from Scott and Bruce Begg, Stonehaven

Messrs Begg wanted windbreaks to improve the comfort of their beef herd. Upper Criggie near Stonehaven is situated in an exposed position 3 miles from the North Sea and at 450 ft elevation. Scott Begg told us that “Secure Windbreaks have done a great job. The building is sheltered and airy, rain does not blow in and we have saved on bedding.” “It’s as good as a door in shutting out the weather.” in the opinion of Bruce Begg. With cattle out at grass and the building cleaned out, the Secure Windbreaks have been rolled up and secured in place to allow access for grain storage.

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Testimonials for Secure Econoblinds


Robert Clarke recommends Secure Econoblinds

"Econoblinds are versatile, easy to use and straightforward to install. They give the option of being wide open or drop down to cut out draughts and ensure the bedding stays dry. A cost effective solution.”


Robert Clarke

Breakneck Farm, Haighton, Preston

William Baillie, Hillhead, Thankerton uses Secure Econoblinds

"I am very pleased with Secure Econoblinds, they are doing the job and stand up to conditions where the roller blinds didn't."


William Baillie

Hillhead, Thankerton

Liam Wannop of Dolken Dairy Goats, Wigton, Cumbria recommends Secure Econoblinds

"I use Secure Econoblinds to shelter 250 milking goats and they are very substantial and good value for money. Easy to fit, Econoblinds have transformed the building."


Liam Wannop
Dolken Dairy Goats, Wigton, Cumbria

Gavin Brown, Managing Director, SportsMasters UK Ltd. recommends Secure Econoblinds

"The Econoblind is fantastic from point of an access which is used on a daily bases the ease of pulling it up and down and still servicing its requirements is fantastic. They are far stronger in general going on past experience with windbreaks and I have been delighted with the service and sales support and would thoroughly recommend to those considering investing in them."


Gavin Brown, Managing Director, SportsMasters UK Ltd.

Secure Windbreaks testimonial from David Lyon, Hardington Mains, Biggar, Lanarkshire

"Econoblinds suit my poly tunnel perfectly. Quick and easy to fit they cut out drafts and driving rain, keeping the stock dry and comfortable, while maintaining optimum ventilation with a degree of control."

David Lyon
Hardington Mains, Biggar, Lanarkshire.

Secure Windbreaks testimonial from Andrew Baillie, Carstairs Mains, Lanarkshire

Andrew Baillie, who farms at Carstairs Mains, Lanarkshire which is a QMS - SRUC Focus Farm installed Econoblinds and has found that they “are very robust and easy to use, they are far superior to any other brands on the market."

John Reay of Northumberland recommends Secure Econoblinds

John Reay of St Oswald’s, Wall, Northumberland who contract shears 10000 sheep per year says that Secure Econoblinds are...


"exceptional value for money, and does exactly what I want and is easy to install."

Angus Dickson recommends Secure Econoblinds

Angus Dickson of Sorrowlessfield Mains, Earlston who has 850 Breeding ewes, finishing all progeny says that he is...


"very happy with his Econoblind, it keeps the wind out and lets the light in. Easy to install, easy to operate."

Catherine Macfarlane recommends Secure Econoblinds

Catherine Macfarlane calf rearer at Longden Manor Farms, Pontesbury has found that Econoblinds are "Easy to use, they keep weather and drafts off the calves but still allow good ventilation."

She uses them in summer as well as winter - "In nice weather Econoblinds allow ventilation into the barn without sun."

Catherine Macfarlane recommends Secure Econoblinds

Simon Hart, Lucemm Contractors Ltd. Calne, Wiltshire.


“We fitted an Econoblind and have to say what an excellent product it is for greatly reducing wind and rain in the building, very cost effective whilst being able to access the building very quickly if needs be.”

Kevin Jappy using a Secure Econoblind

Kevin Jappy, Mains of Blairydrine, Banchory


"I am delighted with my Econoblind. Excellent for keeping out the elements. It is a low cost solution to improving comfort within the building."

John Whiteford using Secure Econoblinds

John Whiteford & Co., Belstane Town Farm, Carluke


John Whiteford & Co., Belstane Town Farm, Carluke farm 480 ac with 100 breeding ewes and finish between 700-800 stores per year, which they buy through local markets and feed on silage, barley, draff and stock-feed potatoes.


"It does what it says on the tin. The Econoblinds keep out draughts, rain, snow and birds"

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