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Extreme weather conditions experienced in the UK have conspired to increase straw prices. Straw is now recognised as a valuable commodity worth protecting whether for your own use or for sale. Uncovered damp straw is unappetising as feed and less absorbent as bedding. More importantly uncovered straw bales become a source of mould spores and dangerous mycotoxins. When barn storage is not an option you can quickly and easily protect your straw stacks cost effectively using silage sheets held in place by Secure Covers and Secure Gravel Bags. Secure Covers specially designed mesh prevents wind lifting the plastic sheet. Gravel bags fixed with StackPack clips every metre anchor sheets and covers for a stable storage solution.

Secure Covers - silage coversSecure Covers - silage coversSecure Covers - silage covers and windbreaksstraw stacks - secure silage cover
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What farmers say...


"Covering the straw prevented the outside six to seven inches of the bales being ruined. The straw coming out from under the cover was excellent feed quality. With the current value of straw I will definitely be covering them again this year"


Jim Petrie


"It used to take me and my son 3 hours to cover my stacked hay with tarp. The tarp was heavy and awkward to deal with. Due to strong winds in this area, I was worried the tarp wouldn't take the beating and, before 3 years was up, it was shot. This year, I covered the stacked bales of hay with plastic and then with Secure Covers - all in about 30 minutes and without help (a one man job) and less than half the time and cost!"


Jeff Schwartz - Flemingsburg, Kentucky



preventing waste on straw stacks
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