Secure Windbreaks


Rapid fit Windbreaks with ratchet tensioning system.


Easy fit Secure Windbreaks can be used for permanent or temporary weather protection and ventilation. Ideal weather protection for livestock barns, storage barns and indoor arenas.


Secure Covers are available in a wide range of sizes and can be hung in series along the length of a barn or above one another on a high gable end. When ordering, you will need to measure the daylight width of the bays and the height required. It is also useful to note the size of the stanchions. Although made to standard sizes, the windbreaks can be cut to the required widths. Detailed fitting and cutting instructions are included with each windbreak.

Secure windbreaks, on calf shed Secure windbreaks Secure windbreaks, protective netting  and gale breakers Secure windbreaks, protective netting  and gale breakers Secure Windbreaks and gale breakers Windbreaks and galebreakersSecure windbreaks and gale breakers for farm buildings Secure windbreaks Secure gale breakers and windbreaksSecure gale breakers and windbreaks Overlapping windbreaks and weather bay screens Secure windbreaks and gale breakers for agricultural buildings and barnsSecure wind breaks, agri roller blinds and gale breakers for farm buildings
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How to fit Secure Windbreaks



Our weather screens, wind breaks and roller blinds have got your farm buildings covered

  • Tough and non-fray
  • Easy to install
  • Reduces wind speed by 75%
  • Excellent light transmission
  • UV stable
  • Fully adjustable
  • Weather protection for hay and straw
  • Comprehensive range of sizes


What farmers say about Secure Windbreaks...


Secure Windbreaks testimonial from Stephen Robinson

"Since we put on the Secure Windbreaks, because the new building faces SW, they have cut out the worst of the weather, improved comfort and ventilation. In bad weather cows were less inclined to eat along the feed barrier, this problem has now been resolved and intakes have improved and yields increased"

Stephen Robinson Longber Farm, Burton in Lonsdale
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What farmers say about Secure Covers wind breaks, silage covers and shades
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