Secure Bag ArmourTM


For forage and grain bags


Secure Bag Armour is used extensively in the USA where the forage bag system is widely employed.


Made from the same heavy duty knitted textile as our clamp covers, Secure Bag Armour protects forage bags from puncture damage by birds, pets and deer so preserving feed quality and avoiding the chore of repeated patching.



Bag armour.  Secure cover for forage bags bags and grain bags Forage and brain cover:  Bag armour Bag armour forage and grain bag covers Bag armour forage and grain bag covers Bag armour forage and grain bag covers Bag armour forage and grain bag covers Bag armour forage and grain bag covers
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Covering Options:


Crown Coverage

Crown coverage covers only the top portion and upper sides of the bag for protection from birds.

Available in 5m widths up to a maximum length of 100m.

Secure in place with filled Gravel bags hung from StackPack clips every 3-4m on both sides of the forage bag.


Ground Coverage

Ground coverage covers the visible portion of the bag, giving added protection from deer, cats and stock.

Available in 8m widths up to a maximum length of 25m.

Secure in place with filled gravel bags placed around the base of the forage bag.


What farmers say...


Stephen Jukes milks 110 cows at his farm at Barnby-in-the-Willows, Nottinghamshire supplying milk to specialist Stilton cheese producer Long Clawson Dairy. The cows are fed big bale grass silage, maize and wholecrop wheat silage both made in AgBags. Stephen had problems with bird and cat damage to the AgBags causing aerobic spoilage...


“I tried thin netting on the AgBags but the birds went straight through them. I also tried another cover over the top of tyres but the birds still went though and damaged the Agbags. Secure Bag Armour has now solved the problem, no holes and no waste. Even the cats can’t damage them!”

Stephen Jukes Barnby-in-the=Willows uses Cecure Covers

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