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Big bale silage is too valuable to waste. Any small hole through the wrap caused by birds or cats can lead to a reduction in palatability and feed quality. This spoilage caused by opportunistic mould growth increases the likelihood of pathogens and mycotoxins within the feed.


Protecting silage wrap from damage is vital when you consider that typically more than half of the silage in a bale is within 20cm of the surface. Thin light open nets are of little use, so it's no wonder that farmers now prefer long lasting tough Secure Covers, which have a close knitted structure which prevents birds and cats damaging the silage wrap. Secure Covers are simply placed over big bale stacks and held in place using Secure Gravel Bags attached with StackPack clips every 5-10 metres.

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Secure Covers Testimonials from John Rowsell of Troedyrhiw Farm, Llanwrda

"Having lost numerous silage bales due to rook and crow damage we invested in Secure Covers. Two seasons later we are extremely happy to recommend these covers. Our silage is fully protected. We have not lost any bales and the covers show no wear or damage. An excellent product"

John Rowsell Troedyrhiw Farm, Llanwrda



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